EvilPlot is a combinator-based data visualization library written in Scala. Its main objective is to enable composed, principled, and infinitely customizable data visualization without the need to cross from Scala into languages like R or Python. EvilPlot offers a handful of ways to create simple plots, along with several combinators for making more complicated plots out of those simpler ones. Everything is backed by a high-level two-dimensional drawing API, which makes it easy to invent new components for your plots from scratch.

Check out our documentation, where you can learn just how easy and awesome it is to get going with EvilPlot. Alternatively, skip straight to the Plot Catalog for some examples of what EvilPlot can do, along with code. You can also take a look at the complete API documentation or the source on GitHub.

Have a question, or want to get involved? Feel free to file an issue or open a pull request.